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Manchester Business School: The Global Executive MBA

The Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) from the Manchester Business School is a global program aimed at high-level executives. The course aims to take outstanding managers and make them even more successful, equipping them for career progression, business success, and also giving them the tools necessary to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

The first cohort will embark on the program in July 2014. GEMBA will be a global program designed to fit around existing work and home commitments. A total of 43 intensive ‘face to face’ teaching days will be spread over the 20-month duration of the course. There will be 6 separate face to face study periods, ranging in length from 6 to 9 days. Each of the study periods will be held in one of Manchester Business School’s global locations, including Manchester, Dubai, Miami, and Shanghai.

Manchester Business School has good reason to conduct its course globally. As a global school, its centres are established in each of its global locations. Whether in Shanghai or Sao Paolo, students will gain knowledge not just of globally applicable management skills, but also the worldwide environments where those skills will come into play. As Manchester Business School is based permanently in these global locations, the school is poised to share the full depth of its knowledge with those who take its’ courses.

The University of Manchester was established in 1824 and is ranked 5th in the UK and 40th worldwide (according to Shanghai Jiaotong World University 2012). The FT Global MBA Rankings 2013 put the University of Manchester 5th in the UK and 29th globally. Forbes listed the University as the second best MBA school outside of the US.

The Financial Management programme will include a Business Simulation element, which will test your financial skills in a realistic environment. The group project element of the program gives you an opportunity to choose a project with a not-for-profit client, this aspect of the course will test and develop your reflective and decision making skills.

Top managers are skilled in making important decisions in busy environments, or ‘reflection-in-action’. While it’s clear that this is an indispensable management skill, what’s less clear is how individuals can strive to develop that skill. It’s this question that the Reflective Manager part of the GEMBA program seeks to address.

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