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ACBSPACBSP Awards International Business School (IBS) Initial Accreditation of its Business Programs

Overland Park, KS — The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) Baccalaureate/Graduate Degree Board of Commissioners recently awarded International Business School (IBS) in Budapest, Hungary, initial accreditation of its business programs.

IBS was accredited as an independent higher education institution by the British Accreditation Council in October 2010. The BAC has provided a comprehensive quality assurance scheme for independent further and higher education in the UK since 1984. (BAC)

The British Accreditation CouncilThe Hungarian Accreditation Committee (HAC) is an independent national body of experts assessing quality in education, research and artistic activities in higher education, and examining the operation of the institutional quality development scheme. It conducts accreditation of both programmes and institutions.

ECBE, the European Council for Business Education, was formally founded at a conference held in Paris in July of 1995 (ECBE). Its mission is to promote and support quality business education internationally, mainly by establishing accreditation standards for academic achievement in business education.

IBS is an accredited institution of the New York-based International Advertising Association (IAA), which gives us the right to organise educational programmes offered by IAA and to confer the IAA’s Diploma in Marketing Communications to qualified candidates.

SMBG, a leading consulting company registered in France and active in student orientation, has set up the "Eduniversal" selection of the best 1.000 business schools in the world. The schools are carefully selected based on a number of objective criteria, on the advice of a scientific committee and on the votes of all the Deans of the Business schools worldwide.

The LCCI language exam is an internationally recognized exam, which is accredited in Hungary, too. If you want to study abroad, or obtain a good quality language exam, or if you simply need an exam for your degree, it is the best choice!

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I'm going to brag on my son

by rayo

He went through a business careers high school program. He didn't like it much, but had a summer internship at a mutual fund company.
Years ago, he wanted to major in college in English Lit. I told him to take an extra year in college with a major in something highly marketable, and then take a bunch of other courses just for personal interest.
Now, 7 years later, he has a dual undergrad major in computer science and philosophy; and is now graduating with a master's in computer science.
For 2 years, during two internships, a tech company in the SF area has been recruiting him

No i asked one of my professors if he kne

by --

Knew of any internships in my field, and he did and set it up for me. then i asked my best friend if she could get me an internship where SHE had one and she said sure.
then i just was my normal friendly self at work and people liked me, and then offered me this other job.
i have a lot of contacts in the business world because all my high school/college friends work in good companies. you just ask them to pass your resume along and boom it happens.
i also had an informational interview once. i was telling my mom i might like to work in a certian industry, and she said a woman who her hospital used for something knew all about it

Have heard it's gone to hell for

by several_years__

And it was getting terrible feedback here for a long time from regulars who are in the business or who attended.
They used to be an independent school, when they had a good rep. Now didn't they get bought by one of those big chains that runs vocational schools, like the art schools? You can tell by the TV ads that they are scraping the bottom. I know some young kids who were going there last year (did their internships in a cafe I frequent) and I'll tell you, they were really clueless about food and working around food. They weren't going there because they were passionate about food & cooking -- they went because they saw it as an alternative to joining the armed forces or going to another kind of vocational school -- they think they're going to get high-paying glamour jobs in...

Stick it out

by curiouschick

If you quit now you'll still have a year and a half of debt accumulated, and if you decide in the future that you want to finish it after all, you're going to have a really hard time explaining the dropout to employers.
there are jobs out there. even if you don't get a high-paying job at first, take a lower-paying one, stick it out for a year, and then move on up. that's what i did, and i'm now fairly comfortable financially.
i didn't love the law either, and i didn't have any great passion that i wanted to serve with my legal knowledge. when i went to law school all i wanted to do was to know that i'd have a good, solid way of supporting myself for the rest of my life

Okay, I'll giove it to a student

by creamofcow

1. What is your specific job title?
Sole proprietor, founder
2. How did you get interested in graphic design?
Gravity, I assessed what I liked and it all fell into place when I was a kid.
3. How did you get started?
Volunteering my design services at community centers, talking to other professionals wherever I saw them, community college classes, read books, internships. Then I went to art school.
4. Why did you decide to work for this company?
I started it.
5. What do you like most about this company?
No one tells me what to do.

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