Brandeis University International Business School

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Olaf Unteroberdoerster, PhDJose Rodolfo Villamariona, MBA '11

“The quality of the faculty is amazing. The professors here are very interested in the students. They care about your learning.”

Olaf Unteroberdoerster, PhD '98

Alumni profile Jose Rodolfo Villamariona, MBA '11Traveling and working with people from Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa, Dr. Olaf Unteroberdoerster MS ’98, PhD ’98 has lived a life filled and enriched with memorable international experiences.

Sam Soltani, MSF '10

As Chief Operating Officer, Sam Soltani, MSF ’10 is the sole member of BioSensics’ impressive management team who has actual business experience.

Olaf Unteroberdoerster, PhDNils Teissier du Cros, MBA '11

"I wanted to be part of a 70 percent international student body. I wanted to be surrounded by people of different cultures and nationalities."

Richard Peck, MSF '00

“We were able to see living, breathing examples of what we were talking about in the classroom play out on a global stage."

Ewa Maria Nucinska, MA '11

“We work in teams on a daily basis and there’s this sense of mutual understanding and equality.”

Thomas Stretton, MBA '11

“I honestly think the world is at a crossroads, and I want to be part of the force that moves it in a positive direction.”

Boris Vilidnitsky, MSF '09

“I felt prepared coming into this job but the learning curve is still steep... I’m open to any opportunities that arise, and I am excited to see what happens next.”

Sam Soltani, MSF '10 Alumni Profile Alumni profile for Nils Tessier du Cros, MBA '11 Profile photo of Brandeis alumni Ewa Maria Nucinska, MA '11 Thomas Stretton, MBA '11 Global Green Alumni
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EPI Run by Big Labor

by CheeseGREYtor

Chairman of the Board
Gerald W. McEntee
President, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees
Morton Bahr
President, Communication Workers of America
Jeff Faux
Distinguished Fellow, Economic Policy Institute
Barry Bluestone
Professor of Political Economy, Director for Urban & Regional Policy, Northeastern University
R. Thomas Buffenbarger
President, International Association of Machinists
Ernesto J. Cortes, Jr.
Director, Industrial Areas Foundation
Sandra Feldman
President, American Federation of Teachers
Leo Gerard
President, United Steelworkers of America
Ron Gettelfinger
President, International United Auto Workers

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