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Last week Harvard Business School released the details of its application for the 2013-2014 admissions season. While there was some moderately interesting news around Harvard’s admissions deadlines, much of the chatter has been about Harvard’s drastically revised essays. Make no mistake — this is a very different application than what HBS has used in the past, but keep in mind that Harvard still wants to see the same qualities (across your entire application) that it has been looking for in applicants for years. Harvard still wants to find bright budding leaders who are ready to undergo a transformational experience. The admissions committee is just going about finding those applicants a little differently this year.

Without further ado, here are Harvard’s admissions deadlines and essays for the Class of 2016, followed by our comments in italics:
HBS Admissions DeadlinesRound 3: April 7, 2014

Harvard Business School continues to move its Round 1 deadline earlier and earlier — Harvard’s Round 1 deadline is now a full month earlier than it was just five years ago. Assuming you start early enough, this should have little impact on your application planning. In fact, it actually may benefit you since you will be done with your HBS application weeks before most other top business schools’ Round 1 applications come. Also, if you apply in Round 1, you will receive your decision from HBS by December 11, giving you plenty of time if you need to set some safety-school applications in motion for Round 2 in January. Harvard’s Round 2 and Round 3 deadlines have not changed significantly since last year.

HBS Admissions Essays
Yes, we wrote “essays, ” as in plural, since you will submit a “post-interview reflection” after your HBS admissions interview, should you get that far in the process. Much has already been made of the fact that Harvard Business School has cut its written application down to one essay, but don’t lose sight of the post-interview essay (“Don’t call it an essay!” we can hear the HBS admissions committee screaming), which we also cover below. Now, for Harvard’s new essay:

  • You’re applying to Harvard Business School. We can see your resume, school transcripts, extra-curricular activities, awards, post-MBA career goals, test scores and what your recommenders have to say about you. What else would you like us to know as we consider your candidacy? (No word limit)

College disparities

by Luke_Jaywalker

Yeah, but look at the statistics that really count... there was an article in the New Yorker 2-3 weeks ago about this, focusing on Harvard admissions...
You would think that a very significant majority (80-90%, maybe) of really successful people - Fortune 500 CEOs, say - would have degrees from Ivy League colleges. But in reality it's closer to 10-15%. Plenty of Fortune 500 CEOs and similar people who have state school degrees or whatever.
Even more pronounced with entrepreneurs. I know that at least for a while, a majority of the top 10 richest people in the US had never *finished* college

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