Columbia Business School Visits

Pangea Delegation from Columbia Business School Visits TYO

TYO is pleased to announce that we are collaborating for the second time with Columbia Business School’s Pangea Advisors! Pangea Advisors is the pro-bono consulting group of the International Development Club at Columbia Business School. Pangea matches teams of 3-5 students with international clients every each semester. The team, supported by a faculty or professional mentor, completes a consulting engagement on a problem defined by clients. Student consultants travel to meet with their clients, gaining a unique educational experience.

This spring a team of three business school students will consult with TYO management on internet marketing and strategy. Their project kicks off this week with a trip to TYO programs in Lebanon where program manager, Nadine, has arranged a busy itinerary to introduce them to our programs and the amazing country of Lebanon. We are looking forward to the results of the project and thank the team for sharing their expertise with us. Be sure to stay tuned later this spring as each of the team members guest post right here on the TYO Blog.

Without further a do, meet the illustrious Pangea team working with TYO:

Eric Amaso is currently a student at Columbia Business School. Prior to enrolling Columbia University Eric was employed at Wells Fargo Bank as a Private Banker with over a decade of experience working with high net worth individuals and corporate clients.

Eric is originally from Brooklyn, New York. He completed his undergraduate degree in Business Management and Finance at Brooklyn College.

Mallika Daswani is a strategy and technology consultant currently working at Newspaper Support Services (NSS) where she is responsible for the implementation and automation of IT systems for 26 US newspapers. Mallika has worked as a senior ERP consultant for IBM Global Services, Oracle Consulting and also performed independent consulting in the past. Mallika is also a certified Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor with 2 years of flight experience.

Mallika is originally from India and currently lives in Philadelphia, PA. She is pursuing her MBA from Columbia Business School and holds a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and Management of Information Systems (MIS) from Drexel University in Philadelphia.

Eric Kuo works at Columbia University’s Office of Government and Community Affairs. He is the University’s liaison with area elected officials and city government and works to ensure Columbia University ’s interests are addressed at all levels of government. Previously, Eric worked at the New York City Council, and has worked on a number of political campaigns in New York .

Eric is a native of Maryland and currently lives in Brooklyn, New York . He is currently pursuing an MBA at Columbia Business School and completed his undergraduate degree in Chemistry at New York University.

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I would go to a state school like Hunter

by ---

You don't say bachelors or masters. At this point, unless you are going into business or something like that, NYU is going to be nearly $40,000 per year just for tuition and fees/books, and then living on top of that. And the dorms will absolutely not allow any animals; nor will most off-campus housing (I went to Columbia, very similar).
There are ways to do this--could you add more info like what major you anticipate, what level, etc.

Asking questions-CRM

by girla

I recently read an articles on the CRM marketplace.
After a professional path
that included Social Scientific research at National Opinion Research
Center(NORC) I worked for CITI a think tank affiliated
with the Sloan foundation and Columbia Business School,where I did ecommerce research. I
I would like to specialize in the Analysis of the CRM phenomenon and I
would like to listen to your tuition. I know that it would take a
few books for you to fill my knowledge base so I wanted to take another
tact. What would be the questions that a CRM produc

You need more reason to go to UH

by UH-alum

Where are you now, and what kind of degree do you want? Manoa is more than 1/4 white, by the way, and it's no more "dangerous" than any other large state university. There are some great departments. You can't get resident tuition in one year, BTW, if you are thinking of it.
I got two degrees at UH (started at a community college, even), and went on to get an MBA at Columbia Business School. Spare the sarcasm--school is what you make of it. BTW, my UH major was political science, not terribly useful but I loved it.

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