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Creston Schools hire new business manager

Creston School Board accepted the contract of Billie Jo Greene for business manager of Creston School District at a special meeting Monday.

Greene is the current shared business manager at East Union Community Schools in Afton and Diagonal Community Schools in Diagonal. She will start in Creston and Prescott Thursdays and Fridays, and be at East Union Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

“I am very excited, ” Greene said. “I’ll be learning who everybody is, so it’ll take me a little while to get to know everyone. But, I am looking forward to it.”

Greene, 50, formerly of Tingley, graduated from Mount Ayr Community School District before earning her degree in accounting from AIB College of Business. She is married with two sons, Steven and Scott. She has been at East Union Schools since 2001, and worked as shared business manager and board secretary with Diagonal since 2005.

“For the next four months, I’ll be doing four schools. I’m also going to help East Union and Diagonal get through their end of the year, ” Greene said. “For the next five months, it’s just going to be learning how Creston does things, because I don’t want to change things, I want to learn how things work.”

Greene was hired after previous business manager Roy Stroud was unable to work because of health reasons. She was one of four applicants for the position.

Business managers oversee school finance, business issues, payroll, bill pay, annual budgets and serve as board secretary.

In other school board news:

• Creston School Board accepted Billy Hiatt’s resignation as head boy’s basketball coach, assistant eighth-grade football coach and Creston High School success coordinator. The board accepted Larry McNutt’s resignation as Creston High School special education teacher and head girl’s basketball coach. Other resignations include Karen Fries as third-grade special education teacher, Amy Garrison as Title I teacher and Shelly Parsons as crossing guard.

In CA, schools get paid a per day amount

by Hypatia70

Of $ by the state based on attendance. You may THINK no one cares, but in reality, the school cares very much when students are absent because it reduces their much needed income. When a lot of parents do this, it can play havoc on their budget. I was a business manager of a school district for 4 years, and it was definitely a huge concern because public school funding was (and is) very tight. I had to complete detailed attendance reports which in turn generated a large part of our income. I don't think parents realize this or even care.

Its true, there are very few equine schools out

by ansaph0ne

There today, as it really is a relatively new degree. johnson and wales was one of the first schools to make it a business degree, and is really into promoting different careers and handing you job oppurtunities. i have seen quite a few schools though (some in the southeast and midwest) that aren't as developed and don't offer the same variety of classes. many teach you just how to be a barn manager or rider, instead of the additional business aspect. (which would open up jobs like being an equine insurance broker or horse-related company owner [think smartpak])

Advice anyone know: New Leaders for New School

by Alittleadvicepls

Hello Everyone:
I got wind of an AMAZING job that I think I would be perfect for…
It is a non-profit New leaders for New schools (I LOVE WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!!)
I have worked as a trainer and manager in Corporate America plus had my own business for the last few years. But, I do not have any non-prof experience and do not know anyone in the organization.
If anyone out there has any ideas on how to get my foot in the door, or know anyone in the organization or a way to gain favor. I would be very grateful. I would love this job and I love the cause. There must be a way to get them to at least interview me

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