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This premium programme delivers absolute value to the participants by virtue of the ISB’s focus and quality in everything it does. The quality of faculty, programme design, curriculum, pedagogy, excellent peer group and convenience provides the right learning platform for business scions to use this knowledge and leverage for the growth of their business.

The aims of the programme are to equip these young business scions to:

  • Appreciate the value of family business
  • Help the family business to maintain the current success
  • Help realise the growth aspirations of the business by proving modern management tools
  • Aid in furthering the professionalisation
Thought Le​adership

The expertise of the ISB in the area of family business management, its world-class faculty and its focus on delivering quality, forms the ideal foundation for the School to launch a programme to meet the needs of successful family businesses.
Since its inception in 2001, the ISB has been at the forefront of research and education in the area of family business. Luminaries like Professor John Ward have consistently visited the ISB to teach in this area. Professor Kavil Ramachandran from ISB has been actively involved in research, knowledge creation, consulting and education in this domain and is recognized as a renowned subject matter expert.
The ISB conducts various conferences, outreach programmes and workshops focusing on family business. The Asian Invitational Conference on Family Business is held annually and is a great platform for sharing experiences and exchange insights on topics related to family business.

Networking Opportunities

The alumni network is an important channel for graduates of the ISB to retain and expand their social and business networks
The alumni association has seven chapters within the country, in Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and Mumbai and four outside the country. These associations organise meets at regular intervals. The alumni association proves to be a repository of industry knowledge, and contacts that can benefit you lifelong.

Excel in Family Business

The importance of the family managed business is reinforced and a deeper appreciation of the current success and progress made by family businesses is highlighted to the participants. Importantly, it provides support and opportunities for not only the participant students but also for the senior members of the family management to learn and understand each other to enable the continued success and to reduce conflicts in the family managed business.

Make better Business Decisions

Family business poses extraordinary opportunities and powerful pressures at the same time. Business leaders confront variety of challenges ranging from attracting talent to unlocking business value. The programme helps understand these issues, create opportunities and overcome risks while making key business decisions.

Build Business Leadership Skills

The focus on quality learning during the programme equips the participants with latest management methodologies, tools and techniques so that they can complement and enhance the management and decision making in the family business setting. It enhances the leadership skills of the participants so that they can play active roles in fueling the growth and in professionalising their business.

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Indian school names monkey god chairman

by happyface5

Checkout the name of the town too:
"LUCKNOW, India (AP) -- He's a revered Hindu monkey god. And now, he's the chairman of an Indian business school.
An Indian Hindu priest performs prayers in front of a statue of the Hindu god Hanuman.
Hanuman, the popular god known for his strength and valor, has been named official chairman of the recently opened Sardar Bhagat Singh College of Technology and Management in northern India, a school official said Saturday.
The position comes with an incense-filled office, a desk and a laptop computer

Supression of Indigenous Sovereignty in the 20th Century

by justyouraveragecitizen

Suppression of Indigenous Sovereignty in 20th Century United States
By Ward Churchill
As the 20th century prepares to take its rightful place in the dustbin of history, the last vestiges of sovereignty among the more than 300 indigenous nations trapped inside the claimed boundaries of the United States are rapidly sliding into a kind of final oblivion. In one of official America’s supreme gestures of cynicism, American representatives at the United Nations and elsewhere have long been aggressively peddling their government’s Indian policy to other countries as the 'most enlightened, progressive, and humanitarian model for the actualization of indigenous self-determination in the modern world.' It would do well to consider this policy carefully, with an eye towards separating...

The Ten Worst Corporations of 2001

by justyouraveragecitizen

December 2001 - VOLUME 22 - NUMBER 12
T H E T E N W O R S T C O R P O R A T I O N S O F 2 0 0 1
Behaving Badly:
The Ten Worst Corporations of 2001
By Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman
The U.S. Supreme Court says a corporation is a person, or at least must be treated like one when it comes to most constitutional protections.
Like the right to speak. And the right to act in the political arena — giving campaign contributions, lobbying and advocating its agenda.
Now, if a corporation is in fact a person, with full constitutional rights, then it should act like a moral human person.
And what is the fundamental basis of morality? Caring about others. So, a corporation, to act like a moral human person, is going to have...

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