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The 10 Top European Business Schools According to International

Business education truly arrived in continental Europe in the late 50s, with the foundation of INSEAD. However, its roots in the continent can be traced even further back. Indeed, ESCP Europe, the world’s first business school, was founded in 1819 in Paris, followed in 1855 by the Institut Supérieur de Commerce d'Anvers and the Institut Saint-Ignace - École Spéciale de Commerce et d'Industrie in Antwerp, Belgium and, two years later, Budapest Business School.

Since then, the continent’s business schools have gone from strength to strength and now are undisputedly among the world’s strongest; there is no shortage of top business schools in Europe. Outside of the US & Canada, no other region can boast the same strength in depth. Even if we discount the UK’s contribution of 19 schools, continental Europe (and Ireland) can still boast no fewer than 41 schools in the QS Global 200 Business Schools Report.

So, which are the top business schools in Europe, according to international recruiters? The 2013/14 QS Global 200 Business Schools Report canvassed the opinions of no fewer than 4, 300 actively hiring MBA employers to find out.

1. INSEAD – France

Founded in 1957, INSEAD is a constant presence at the upper end of MBA rankings and ratings, so it is no surprise to see it at the summit of this list of top business schools in Europe. The INSEAD MBA is an intensive 10-month affair, focusing on group work, with the groups of five or six picked for the duration of the core curriculum. You no longer have to travel to France to enjoy an INSEAD education at INSEAD’s original Fontainebleau campus. The school has spread its roots in the last decade and a half, with its Singapore campus opening in 2000, followed by a research center in Israel in 2006 and in Abu Dhabi in 2007. The latter was upgraded to campus status in 2010. Notable alumni include UK foreign secretary William Hague and USAID administrator Rajiv Shah.

top business school in europe2. IE Business School

Located in a series of proximal buildings in Madrid’s financial district, IE Business School is known for its strength in the field of entrepreneurship. The school was founded in 1973, and offers a range of master’s degrees, a doctoral program and executive education degrees as well as its flagship 13 month International MBA program. Budding entrepreneurs can try their luck at biannual international Venture Days, at which students can present their ideas before potential international investors. Candidates can enroll in ‘bootcamps’ before these days in order to ensure that they are ready to make their proposals, as well as being assigned mentors to inspire and guide them.

That's quite a lots of questions...but


I'll try my best to answer them all.
1. I loved it. LSE is one of the best econ/business schools in the world, the professors there were nice & know their stuff.
2. I studied I.R. at LSE.
3. I started my own business after i came back from L.S.E. My business deals with the Chinese and export stuff to them. (not import!) I enjoy what I do and making good money out of it too.
4. I went to NYU for my undergrad.
LSE is a world class school which stands as the gateway to europe. You will learn so much from that place if you wanna know more about european cultures & people

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